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No Nonsense Muscle Building: How It’s Different from Other Programs

Many muscle building programs offer a fast approach to gaining the muscle mass you desire, but these fast paced programs are not healthy for the body and are less effective. Unlike these programs Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building uses a periodization method, which means that you gain muscle mass over a period of time, and you are not using too much intensity. Using too much intensity in your workout can cause damage to your body, and it is healthier for the body if you don’t overexert yourself. The program, unlike most others, comes with a calendar filled with a step-by-step process on what exercises to do, the amount of reps, and also has a section where you can track your progress. Lastly, some program use formulas to put on muscle mass, but sometimes these formulas can be toxic to your body as everyone is different. Delmonte’s program tries to stick with a strictly exercise and healthy diet plan to gain muscle mass instead of using formulas for a fast track (but often unhealthy) approach.